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How long in advance should we book you?

The earlier the request, the greater the chance that I will still be available at your wedding date. I recommend booking 12 to 18 months in advance.  


Would you also be ready to travel abroad?

Absolutely!!! Let me know where you are headed and I will pack my suitcases.  


What is your attendance time?
It's your choice. To get a comprehensive reportage, you should plan in around 9 - 12 hours. But if you’d like, I can also accompany you for 3 days...



Do we get all the photos you have taken?

Trust me, nobody wants to click through a thousand photos. That's why you will get a carefully chosen selection of the best pictures. But don't worry, there are enough pictures to reflect your celebration. For a full-day reportage, 400 pictures are guaranteed.

Are all the pictures edited?

Yes. You will get the pictures in the same style you can see on the website. I will make sure that your natural look is preserved and that the unique atmosphere is captured by editing every image individually. Raw data will not be released.

How will we receive the final pictures?

You will receive a USB stick with all the edited photos on it. In addition I will upload all the pictures to an online gallery. This way you can conveniently send the link to your guests at your own discretion and can enable your family and friends easy access to download the photos without much effort on your behalf.

Could we meet face-to-face beforehand?

One of the most important points, yes! I would love to get to know you better over a cup of coffee and to feel your groove. The important thing is that we all feel at ease with each other.


Do you also create albums?

«Only a printed picture is a perfect picture». My albums are sophisticated and of the highest quality. One day your grandchildren will be pouring over this book. Just ask to see my viewing copies.

Do you exclusively photograph weddings?
Of course you can also book me for other occasions. Just write me an email and let me know what you need. In the section "Gallery" you will find pictures of various shootings like Maternity- or Boudoir-Shootings for example. Portraits und 

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