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«I  feel  very  fortunate  that  part  of  my  job allows  me  to  capture  this  unique  day, including  all  its  facets,  without  missing  out  on  these  precious  moments. Moments  that  will  still  be of  great  significance  to  you  in  20 years.»



Since 2017, I have been working full-time as a photographer. Whether your location is in Switzerland or abroad, I'll come to wherever you desire. Wedding photography is my great passion. However, I also love photographing pregnancies and dedicating myself to boudoir photography. I approach business photography for companies with joy and professionalism.


My home is in Belp - just a stone's throw away from Bern. I am married and have two wonderful school-aged girls. With my cheerful demeanor, you will quickly feel comfortable, resulting in beautiful, authentic images of you.

I love working with natural light and create bright, delicate images that are timeless. Thanks to my experience, I can handle any lighting situation and create professional images of the highest quality for you.


Every time I accompany a wedding, I am delighted by the love and happiness of my couples. Even after years, I still get emotional during the ceremony, and when live music starts playing, my heart as a singer leaps with joy.


Maternity Photography: As your love story continues and your family grows, I'm excited to accompany you in this area as well. More information about maternity photoshoots. more Info

Boudoir Photography: Treating yourself, feeling beautiful, and building self-esteem - perhaps especially after pregnancy. That's what excites me about boudoir photography and what I aim to convey to women through these images. If you want to learn more about what a boudoir shoot is and how it works, click here. If you want to learn more about what a boudoir photoshoot is and how it works, you can click here.


Aside from my life as a photographer, I most enjoy reading books based on true stories and fun filled dance evenings with good friends make me feel ten years younger. The microphone is unmistakably a part of me. With my voice I can express my deepest self and if it weren't for stage fright, I would feel solely happy when I sing. I always drink my coffee with lots of milk. The encounters I have had while travelling to foreign cultures have taught me one thing above all: things can be different from what I am used to. I originally worked as a marketing communications planner for a daily newspaper. My family describes me as sensitive, down-to-earth, stubborn, profound, creative, ambitious, cheerful. But actually, none of this really matters. What really matters is that you trust me. I promise you to dedicate myself fully and wholeheartedly to your wedding.


Now it's your turn. I'm already very excited to hear your story and your wishes. Send me a message via the contact form, email, or just give me a call.

Yours Anja

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