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In  my  opinion,  your  wedding  ceremony  should  portray  what makes  your  relationship  special  and  why  you  are  making  each other  this  promise.

Hochzeitsfotografin Anja Simone Photography - Hochzeitsfotografie Bern, Thun, Zürich, international

Hello and a warm welcome!    


My name is Anja and I love the festive and intimate atmosphere of a wedding. Each celebration is as unique as the couple itself.

It doesn’t matter whether the wedding ceremony takes place in open air, on a lonely mountain, in a factory building or the traditional way in a church. It’s also not important if you prefer celebrating just the two of you or accompanied by 300 guests. The main thing is that it is your own personal wish that gets fulfilled. I will accompany you throughout your journey and will happily tell your story.

I  feel  very  fortunate  that  part  of  my  job allows  me  to  capture  this  unique  day, including  all  its  facets,  without  missing  out  on  these  precious  moments. Moments  that  will  still  be 

of  great  significance  to  you  in  20 years.

Hochzeitsfotografin Anja Simone Photography - Hochzeitsfotografie Bern, Thun, Zürich, international
Hochzeitsfotografin Anja Simone Photography - Hochzeitsfotografie Bern, Thun, Zürich, international

Of course, I can already offer you support with tips and tricks during the planning phase, since my experience should be able to make your life easier during the preparations. But the main highlight is the day of the wedding. Starting with the crackling atmosphere while the bride is getting ready, a last pat on the back from your best buds, the tears of your parents as you pledge your eternal loyalty, a passionate kiss at sunset, to the exuberant party lasting till the early morning hours. It is the beginning of your future together and I am here to make it last forever. Honestly, who wouldn't be happy about that?

At this point I should probably tell you that I prefer reading books based on true stories, that the view of the sea triggers a deep longing in me, that I have freezing cold feet far too often, that I originally worked as a marketing communications planner for a daily newspaper, that fun filled dance evenings with good friends make me feel ten years younger and that I always drink my coffee with lots of milk. The encounters I have had while travelling to foreign cultures have taught me one thing above all: things can be different from what I am used to. The microphone is unmistakably a part of me. With my voice I can express my deepest self and if it weren't for stage fright, I would feel solely happy when I sing. My husband and my two girls describe me as following: sensitive, down-to-earth, stubborn, profound, creative, ambitious, cheerful. But actually, none of this really matters. What really matters is that you trust me. I promise you to dedicate myself fully and wholeheartedly to your wedding.

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